Friday, June 24, 2011

Utopias and Dystopias

This is the place where you post your utopias/dystopias.  A utopia is an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. The word was imported from Greek by Sir Thomas More for his 1516 book Utopia, describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create an ideal society, and fictional societies portrayed in literature. It has spawned other concepts, most prominently dystopia.


Valera said...

My Diary 2101

Today is February 12th, 2101. I couldn't take a shower because I woke up at 10a.m and they approved the absurd law of taking a shower only from 5 to 6a.m. So, I went to get some bottle water because I didn't want to get fined. At the entrance, a police officer was waiting to assure that had taken my daily mandatory shower. Of course, I had to pay a million dollars fine! It meant a bottle of water less. Once I got to the supermarket, I tripped on a banana peel and my bottle of water dropped and exploded, so I was forced to pay, because of law #1234567039 of the Constitution. I had to pay 3 times what the bottle was actually worth. When I finally got home, I tried to take the shower with my bottled water, but I forgot the newly established law: "People ought not to take showers with bottled water." I decided to stay at home during the rest of the day, because I was running out of money. What a day!!!
Reminder: Vote for the new law on AIR SUPPLY.

Graciela Gomez
MaIsabel Valera
Jose Rodriguez
Emilia Salas

Kat said...


Once upon a time in Femmeland, women were considered the dominant sex and men were the weak sex. In this land, women refused the cook, to clean, to iron, and to have sex without consent. They dressed with fancy skirts and wore expensive jewelry. They worked as politicians, police officers, chief executives, bus drivers, referees, and priests. Men were housekeepers and secretaries. When women got home they were tired, and the only thing that they wanted was to have a warm meal on the table. But since men were incapable of preparing delicious meals, women were very angry and slapped them with their bras until men fainted of pain. In the newspaper, there were many reports about men killed by their wives and girlfriends. One day, women decided that it was time to make their own decisions, so they refused to have children. In the order to accomplish this decision they either castrated all mean in Femmeland or they were forced to take contraceptive pills even though they really wanted to have children. During one year labor rooms were not occupied and soon Femmeland’s people started to grow old, and there were no children living in this place. Men died out of hunger and women too because they’d refuse to cook.


Nestor said...

A Green World

The year was 2111 and never was the Earth so green. People finally had become aware of coservation and nature. People lived in pyramid-shaped buildings all the time. Whole cities were destroyed so that they would become forests again. Never was the Earth so plenty of food and all kind of resources. However, the well-known fresh air in past decadeswas full of natural; therefore, any sort of contact with the environment would be potentially dangerous. This is why the best scientists created an artifical, harmless air, but its chemical components would kill other species. Because the plants and animals outside the building consumed the other air, they became imcompatible with human organisms and necessities. Never were human beings so detached from Mother Nature. Little by little, humans ran out of ideas to heal certain diseases; sadly enough, the answers were in nature. The population started diminishing until the Earth became a perfectly blue and green planet with debris of an old civilization; a civilization that decided to be segregated rather than tried to co-exist with nature.

Azriel Pérez
Nelson Guillén
Marlon Castro
Néstor Peña