Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tiquicia Town Gallery

This is the place to post your psychological portrait of (1) one famous Costa Rican or (2) a fictional character based on Costa Rican personality traits. The poem should be based on the characters of Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology or Edwin Arlington Robinson's Tilbury Town.


Clau Marín said...

Juanito Pérez

Life is easy,
I used to say.
Fed up with job;
I'm sick today.

Party all weekend,
Hangover all week.
Family and dury can wait!
I have to live.

Poor me!
Live was too short, not as I thought.
No family, no money, no love.
Poor me! I'm buried alive.

Claudia Marín Montero
Andrea Lasso de la Vega Moreno
Nelson Guillén Gutiérrez

diegoalonsor5 said...

To Littletico

In a little beautiful paradise,
a little person was born
surrounded by trees
and the noice of the breeze.

Strong he grows,
with naked feet he walks
in the country side he grows

With chonete to the church he goes
to pray for the gifts of the ones he loves,
and for the land where he roams.
like the wind, he comes and goes.

Maricela Jácamo
Diego Romero
Carlos Pereira

Helena said...
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Helena said...

María Dolores

Getting up at 4 in the morning
Going to bed at midnight

When the duties had been done
my exhausted body fell defeated

Sewing, cleaning, washing
were my daily routines

But, what really fed my soul
were my children's laugh

When the time went by
my boys and girls made their lives

Then, they gave me a new home
in their oblivion

Later, I passed away

Until that day,
my children remembered me again.

A little later...
I would say


Natalia Sanabria
Elena Bermúdez
Yendry Vargas

Nestor said...
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Beatriz said...
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Beatriz said...

Walter Goalfail
He was born kicking a ball
and grew up thinking he was
the king of the world.

He was worshiped by fans;
suddenly, money and fame
appeared on his hands.

He married a miss
and appeared on TV.;
children were none
‘cause he was no dumb.

He bragged about having
traveled a lot,
but hotels and stadiums
is all he got to know.

A gym and a restaurant
are now his world.
Graduates and masters
are always below.

Beatriz Ledezma
Carolina Díaz
Marlon Castro

Nestor said...

Mae Pérez and María Rodríguez

They love each other and are engaged
but will never marry.
They wake up early in the morning,
but they got always late to work.

They don't miss a mass
nor the gossip afterwards.
They always complain about money problems;
but when January comes,
they are the first ones in Palmares.

The fight shows up when the night arrives;
one wants the soccer match, but
the other one prefers the soap opera.
In spite of the fights and complaints,
they'll live happily ever after.

Kristel Arguedas
Emilia Salas
Jairo Ortega
Néstor Peña

Valera said...


Whenever you go to San Jose, look for Oscar.
Costa Ricas's most influential land lord,
He is a gentlemen with amazing education.

And he pushed our country beyond expectations,
He gave us the most powerful piece of architecture,
He is a man of the people and for the people.

And by the people he stood when crisis hit,
He is all about peace, he is all about his Nobel Prize.
"I won." he gracefully told the world.

So he is rich, richer than everyone,
He owns the land, he owns us,
and when his reign was over, he forgot about us.

Elizabeth Sánchez
Graciela Gómez
María Isabel Valera

Noe said...

A Wasted Death
I was brave and I was though
so hard to beat, I won the war.
I fought them right
I kicked them out;
I saved my country
for that I’m proud.

But what is that you’re doing now
selling our country
risking your home.
Help is not what
they want to trade.
They want to call you
their new State.

So long ago you used to called me
a national hero, and you were proud.
But recently I’ve heard you believe
That I wasn’t real, I was a myth.
Just let me tell you, I did exist
I’m Juan Santa Maria
and I’m still here.

irz@ said...

A Minor Scam
When he became a priest
He wanted to be the best he could be
He wished to preach the Good Lord’s will
And work very hard to help the sad and ill

He even created a radio station
To reach more people
Who moved by faith
Believed that salvation depended
On how much they donate

And he was so kind
That during his spare time
He even taught
His boy friend how to drive

In the end he was not so good
And he abused people’s beliefs and trust
From his big scam he took all the cash
The station closed
While he was put behind the bars

Angélica Mora
Ana Lucía Chavez
Azriel Pérez