Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puritan Conceit

This is the place where you will post your Puritan conceits based on Edward Taylor's Housewifery.


Katherine said...

Your finest microwave

Let me be your finest microwave
Make your sacred teaching thy warming beams.
You are the finger who presses the
start button.

Whatever cooking time you decide
we will accept it with joy.
Make my actions the salt
my affections the basil
that will spice my cold soul.

My heart is tough as the frozen meat
and my sin aggressive as the best pop corn.
Though they don't last forever,
my heart and soul will be always yours,
as always will be them the nourishment for my life.

Either you fry me or boil me, your servant I will be.

Mariela, crystel, david, marlon, katherine.

Lucy said...

Humanity's Food Processor

We are just apiece of meat
that needs spices to appeal to God's taste
Once our flavors are enhanced
it is time to be processed

When the transformation starts
pain must play its part
the blades are sharp
and tear us apart

Seasoning made us tasteful
processing turned us edible
And when God saw the finished dish
he had a mouth watering sensation

Group members:
Ana Lucía Chaves, Angélica Mora, Nelson Guillén, Néstor Peña

Noe said...

Holy Laundry Service

Oh my Lord, take me and use me as a washing machine.
Let me be a substance that cleans and purifies like chlorine.
Let this pile of dirt and sins
become a pure and holy being.

Oh my Lord,use my centrifugal force to dry humid souls.
Let me be the softener that perfumes odorless clothes.
Let this process come to an end
by exposing the clothes under the shinnig rays.

andrea said...
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andrea said...

From the Puritan

Oh give this broken soul a new
beginning, Lord, and I shall serve
as that clay rase that pleases You,
for You shall glorify Yourself.

Destroy what´s old, and take not the
same earth that was I made up of,
but take from Heaven Clay for me
to be remade, thus be reborn.

Shall I be shaped on your divine
wheel, and be taken, newly formed
into the fire, and shall I
later be adornment to your own.

Clau Marín said...

Oh God, like a warm day
Take the water from a stream
Take the clay from the earth
All in thy hands as one

Oh Lord, with thy might
Tear, cut, destroy and create
as the master thou are
from the dust we came

After the summer, a cold winter
Waiting to be what thou wantest
useful for thy purposes
thou my Master, I am thy tool

diegoalonsor5 said...

Dirty as I am, take my soul, dear God
May your grace be the soap,
Clean my spots, clean my soul.

In your insides I can turn
Cleanse my sisn that shall be vanished
By a soap full of light-knight bubbles
Turn, turn so you can be washed
Turn, turn to be saved

Now clean and warm
Let your hand, Lord, give a gentle touch,
So you can hang me to receive your lovely grace

Maricela Jácamo
Diego Romero
Carlos Pereira
Elizabeth Sánchez
Jairo Ortega

David Smith said...

The Holy Washing Machine

O God, be my washing machine
Clean my soul with your pure water
I am a piece of dirty rag
Drown my spirit with your river of grace
Drain my dirt away; I do not deserve such cleanliness
Vanish my original stains
Rinse my unclean heart
Let me be a brand new apron and
Spread out the perfume of the service and obedience

Daniel González
Erick Oses
David Smith Solano

Deivid said...

Danny Hidalgo
Deivid Quirós
Marco Solano

Washing Machine

Oh Lord, give me a washing machine
That cleans up all my sins, and
Drowns my sins in the ocean of soap

With every spin,
I get purer and clean
Take me, wash me for

I am a garnment
Stained of sin.

Mariela MS said...

Oh dear lord, be my guide along my path
let your hand take command of my steering wheel
allow me to recognize the warning lights
always identifying the rock fall threatening
my journey to your eternal glory.

My merciful God,
let me road clearly perceive
your holy wisdom my head lights
and deliver my soul from the
pot holes trying to make me fall.

Alejandra Alemán
Mariela Mora S
Priscilla Seas