Friday, March 18, 2011

Ironic Propaganda

This is the place where you will post your sarcastic add of Costa Rica based on Christopher Columbus' A Spectacle of Great Beauty and John Smith's A Description of the New Land.


Clau Marín said...

We LOVE green and so do You! Let's trade some GREEN!!! (a few items are left)
Claudia Marín
Nelson Guillén
Andrea Lasso de la Vega

MJCG said...

Are you tired of violence all over your place? :o

We are now inviting you to a peaceful ☮ paradise!!!

We are so proud about not having an army. Instead of that, we've got U.S. marines to protect us, and our own police officers to suppress "messy" students and workers in the streets.

That's why WE are a DEMOCRACY and the happiest country in the world!!!

Beatriz Ledezma
Carolina Díaz
José Rodríguez
Marlon Castro

CHEREPA said...

Come to Costa Rica, land of the friendliest people in the world, where you can find “Pura Vida” all around. Come and see great natural beauty at a trouble-free country. You won’t experience hatred, war or fights just love, peace and quiet. Costa Rica is green and hosts most of the world’s biodiversity in just 51,100 km2 . Let yourself enjoy Costa Rica’s food, culture and music everywhere. Are you a business man? Well, Costa Rica is your opportunity, man! This country offers you an amazing chance to develop your company at lower prices, and at the same time you get to feel Costa Rica’s vibe. Costa Rica is an incredible nation, so come and discover perfection!

María Isabel Valera
Shirley Barquero
Deivid Quirós

Noelia said...

Costa Rica.... Wow!! (acronym)

9 reasons to visit Costa Rica:

CAFTA (my heart says N♥)
Organized neighborhoods
(everybody knows who
the drug dealer is)
Security (at least you'll keep
your underwear)
Taxes (don't worry, Costa Ricans
pay for you!)
Amazing bridges (Platina doesn't

Roads in great conditions (try the
road to Caldera!)
Isla Calero (trust us; it's ours!)
Corruption (it's not a serious
problem here)
Arias (who says Costa Rica doesn't
have royalty?!)


Noelia Alfaro
Kristel Arguedas
Yendri Vargas

Katherine said...

Anytime you feel stressed out, come and visit Costa Rica, where the word forbidden doesn't exist. Just imagine drinking a cold Imperial with one hot young gal by your side, swaying by the sound of the waves on the Pacific Coast. Just think of the idea of being single and childless again, no wife, no screaming kids, just the company of our beautiful and up for any kind of fun women. Yay!

Katherine, mariela, elizabeth and crystel.

Nestor said...

For Sale!

Tired of all the obstacles that reduce your bussiness' potencial success? Do you want to increase your profit?

This is what you've been waiting for!!!

We offer:
-Vast forest covered territory appropriate for hiding
-Softlest/Easiest migration policies ever
-Great opportunity for all ilicit bussinesses you can imagine!
-Low/Zero jail time for criminals; fines accepted regarless of the crime
- Your drugs will sell themselves! Save in advertising
-Smuggle what you want in luxury and comfort from your beach front property... NO TAXES!
-We include in this offer and to no extra charge our safest neighborhoods: La Carpio, Sagrada Familia, León XIII, etc.

Call us now!

Ana Lucía Chaves
Angélica Mora
Azriel Pérez
Néstor Peña

Avalerin said...

José, a typical man

Whenever José entered school
everybody looked at him
with great respect

He was a particular character
with great manners
and admirable values

And he was smart, smarter than his peers
and remarkably talented
He was a people's person
He was a carismatic character

He will make everyone wish
to be him, yet he himself
felt like a normal, regular guy

However, when he was out of sight, he cursed and talked
behind everyone's back. Yes,
in fact he was a hypocritic bastard
and care not about no one else.

Avalerin said...

Ana María Valerín S.
Shirley Barquero
José Rodríguez

MDSH said...

Do you like writing? and....
Do you like nature EVERYWHERE?

Costa Rica is your perfect paradise to invest on!$!$!$

First, our EFFICIENT government will let you write for hours filling out lots of application formulas while birds and trees surround you

Second, you'll have the great chance to visit several and ANTIQUE government entities,... during six or more months!!!... even before you start running your bussiness

You'll NEVER have this opportunity elsewhere!!! We're sure you'll enjoy and love our country even BEFORE your arrival

Call us now!

Erick Oses
Marco Solano

Mariela MS said...

Where could you find a family friendly vacation spot? Well the answer is Puntarenas. The Pearl of the Pacific. The people are very lively, they are incredible humble, and they will fulfill all of your wishes! After all, they need the money.

And the beach is wonderful, you can find all sorts of souvenirs washing ashore every day. Furthermore, the ocean provides everything you need from medicine to clothes and even tives for your car! Also, if you get hungry, well you are a lucky lad! We still have (thanks to our merciful government which let us keep our only source of income) our kiosks where you can -still!- buy enormous sugar-filled snow cones.

So, come on over visit Puntarenas, we are poor but hard-working; you can't swim in the ocean but our pool is under construction (finally! after a decade of waiting), and you will find free gifts all over the beach because we love our visitors so much!

Don't wait any longer! Visit us and learn what tourism really means in Costa Rica.

Priscilla Seas C.
Mariela Mora S.

David Smith said...

Ad about Costa Rica:

Are you willing to have a wild experience?
Are you desperate for fresh air?
Are you tired of concrete and grey scenarios?
Are you ready to try home-made typical Costa Rican food?
Are you looking for an unforgettable food experience for a low cost?

Go green, have peace, enjoy nature, come to Costa Rica!
In la Sabana you will find the perfect and safest place to get in contact with nature.
Additionally, the Central Market is waiting for you if you are eager to taste delicious typical food at excellent prices and handled with the highest standards of food manipulation.
Do not hesitate, Costa Rica is waiting for you.

Daniel González
David Smith

Deivid said...

Danny Hidalgo
Deivid Quirós

If you want to be in close contact with nature, and enjoy the company of mosquitoes, come and visit Costa Rican Caribbean coast. If you want to be part of a rally, come visit Costa Rica; the entire road system has been carefully designed with thousands of potholes and dangerous cliffs to make you feel the rush of an adventure.
If you are tired if the smog and snow of your city, come to Costa Rica to enjoy its particular rainy season and be part of the annual floods that destroy hundreds of houses and crops. Bring your camera and be part of it!!!
Come, Costa Rica is waiting for you, as a way to discourage the use of gas; we have the higher price in Central America. Don’t hesitate come to Costa Rica.