Friday, September 23, 2011

What minority groups wanted in the 19th Century

Please post your activist speech of each minority group  to counteract the white male supremacist discourse of The Gettysburg Address:  “ This Sacred Soil,” “Woman in the 19th Century,” “What the Black Man Wants,” “The Working Girls .”  What does each of these minority groups want?


MDSH said...

Danny Hidalgo
Marco Solano

What Women in the 19th Century Want

1.We want to be considered equal
2.We do not want to be perceived as objects
3.We want to express our ideas and feelings freely
4.We demand people to let us defend our own interests and position
5.We demand our own destiny different from the one that men have created for their own
6.We ask for respect
7.We want to be free from the domestic sphere
8.We do not want to be alianated as if we were not capable of making our own decisions
9.We demand the right to be educated
10.We demand the right to get included in politics

Mariela MS said...

What the Working Girls Want

1.We do not want poor meals, battered clothes, cold rooms, and narrow beds!
2.We refuse to work our hands to the bones!
3.We refuse to accept any more double morals from men, who defend and destroy us at their convenience!
4.We demand that you truly look at us, and then try to say that we have no right to make these demands!
5.We demand our physical and mental integrity to be protected at our workplace!
6.We demand that we and our children have access to education!
7.We want better job opportunities, yet we demand better salaries!
8.We demand that our voice be heard!

Alejandra Alemán
Mariela Mora
Priscilla Seas

Deivid said...

Deivid Quirós
Daniel Gonzalez
EricK Oses

What the Black Man Wants

1.We Want freedom, we do not want to be slaves
2.We want to be citizens, we do not want to be aliens
3.We want to work, we do not want alms
4.We want this change now, not later
5.We want negroes to be autonomous, not dependent
6.We want to be people, we want to make this nation great
7.We do not want differences between black and white brothers
8.We want our heart to root in this land
9.And most important of all, we want universal suffrage for our men.